السبت، 24 فبراير 2018

The look

The Look

Location : Souq Waqif ,Qatar
Well, he/she was really interesting. I do not know whether he/she is used to posing for camera. Since a lot of people come to Souq Waqif to take photographs. Especially near the pets area you can see a lot of people taking photographs using their smartphones / camera. When i took my camera out to click a photo of him/her, the bird started posing. I do not know whether the bird knows what is in my hand / maybe he is used to it. He/She started to give me different poses. 

The question that came to my mind was, is he/she trying to be friendly with me? So that i would help him to get out of the cage he is in?. I wish i could just give freedom to all these creatures here. May be they are happy/ maybe they are not. How can we understand them? how can we make everyone happy?.

I wish i could make everyone happy. |Your Smile is always your power. 

Just Smile - Your Smile Your Power.

The image was shot with Canon 650 D and Kit Lens. Not a professional photographer or anything. Trying my best to learn.

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