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Sleeping tortoise

Sleeping Tortoise

tortoise pet

Location : Souq Waqif ,Qatar
How does it feel to stay inside a cage? Do you know? Have you ever experienced it?. Waiting for some one to buy , a confused life of a tortoise. Human beings cannot stay in a cage for at least few minutes then think about these living things that stay inside the cage for days. People don't even know whether he is dead or alive. Are they getting enough food?. Are they able to live a happy life?. Maybe once they are bought by someone.

Can you even imagine? more than 30 tortoise in one cage?. Doesn't even have space to move around. Imagine a situation where, an innocent individual has been pushed inside a prison filled with criminals. When we consider a human as an example we feel sympathy but imagine in the case of an animal? Do we feel the exact same way?. Ask your self, do you feel the same way?. Life is short, we should live happily and enjoy as much as we can as a human being. Don't you think that the animals should live in the same way?.

I tried to touch him on his shell, on his head. He did not move . Made me feel that he is no more but a sudden movement from his side made me feel happy. Why did i smile? why was i happy?. Have you ever wondered why we smile all of a sudden, even though we are not doing anything at the time or thinking about something else?. Most of us do not know the answer. Exactly the same feeling for me. I dunno why the sudden slight movement made me smile but that smile made me bright and gave me a better feeling compared to my best moments. If you have noticed, the sudden short smiles that come all of a sudden has better effects than other situations. As yourself , do you think what i think is true?.

Just Smile - Your Smile Your Power.

The image was shot with Canon 650 D and Kit Lens. Not a professional photographer or anything. Trying my best to learn.

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