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Random kid with a Parrot

Random kid with a Parrot

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Location : Souq Waqif ,Qatar

I was roaming around in Souq Waqif searching for best shots. Suddenly, i noticed this kid. He was running around looking at different pets and touching them. Exactly at the same time i was snapping this bird in the photo. He came and pushed me and asked the seller. whether, he can hold the bird or not. The seller allowed him to hold the bird and i saw a smile on his face.

Then, another interesting part was that since i was standing there watching him playing with the bird. He tried to give me poses but i did not notice him as i was so in to taking best shots. He called me 'Bro' in Arabic and asked me to take a shot. I was happy to take his shot and i found the bird and him interesting as well. As you can see from the photo that both were looking at each other. The bird did not even ignore when the boy showed his hand.

Here in this photo , I give importance to the smile that the boy had when he was running around and touching pets. The smile on his face when the seller allowed to hold the bird. The smile on his face when i took his photo and at the end , the smile i had on my face when i saw him, when he asked me to take a photo. Don't you think a smile can give you a better feeling. Don't you think that our smile is our power. Everything can be changed with the help of a smile.

So Just Smile - Your Smile Your Power.

The image was shot with Canon 650 D and Kit Lens. Not a professional photographer or anything. Trying my best to learn.

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